Are you an evolutionary entrepreneur with an aversion to selling?

If so, then please accept my gift to you:

From ‘Sleazy’ Sales to Sacred Selling
How Heartfelt Enrolling Conversations Can be Profound Acts of Service
That Result in Big Income for You,
Life-Changing Transformation for Your Clients,
and Healing for the World


Because enrolling clients into your transformative programs and services can be as easy as showing up in service, right from the start, in the selling conversation!

When you learn how to confidently and gracefully enroll a steady stream of “just right” clients into your transformative programs and services:

You will graciously generate the generous income you need to support yourself and fuel your world-changing mission

Many people’s lives are transformed through working with you

The gift you’re meant to share with the world is free to be fully expressed

Money flows into your life-affirming business and helps build the new economy our world needs

The evolutionary impulse of Life expresses itself uniquely through you

This is how important it is that you learn to become masterful at the art of selling.

The world we’ve known is unraveling all around us and your contribution is desperately needed to help reweave a vibrant, life-affirming new world.

You, in turn, deserve to be well-compensated for the gift you’re here to give.

So it’s time to learn how to sell your transformative blessing in a high integrity way that your heart can feel good about.

Let me show you how!


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