Creating the body of your work (Pillar 3)


Once you’re clear on who you’re called to serve with your great work, next you need to give form to how you help them.

If you’re like most visionary entrepreneurs, you’re carrying around a rather sizable medicine bag filled with the many gifts, talents, experience, knowledge, and wisdom you’ve accrued in life thus far. This is the rich repertoire you draw from to facilitate the transformation you make happen.

Yet if you’re just/still starting out, often all that magic is fairly invisible to you. Or it’s a creative jumble. You’ve embodied it to such a degree that you just do what you do without being fully conscious of it. You work with your clients and, shazam, magic just happens.

Unfortunately, in an over-crowded marketplace, it’s not enough to be brilliant about your subject. And rummaging around in your bag of possibilities each time someone new comes to you for help is not an efficient way to turn your great work into a thriving business.

Eventually this approach can burn you out long before you’re able to make a sustainable income.

Ultimately, you’re going to want to structure all that medicine and magic into a clear system so that the people in your niche can recognize its relevance and its value. And then you’ll want to turn that system into an integrated body of work.

The same goes if you’re an established entrepreneur wanting to expand your business or take it in a new direction. Often the new work that’s emerging is vague and unformed. Sometimes it’s like a feral kitten, darting into hiding the moment you try to wrap your mind around it.

Solstice-nautilus.jpgYet you’re going to need to bring sufficient shape, structure, and sequence to this new aspect of your work so it can actually move out into the world in your business. The difference for you is that it needs to fit and flow with the rest of your work, which may require some extra integration.

Either way, this is a two-step process and most approaches I’ve seen out there just teach you the first step, probably because it’s the easier part. Even then it’s often rushed through. Unfortunately, that leaves you struggling unnecessarily with the more difficult second step when it comes time to design a program to serve your people.

So here’s the first step. Start by crafting your signature system, which is the work you’re already doing with clients (or intend to do if you’re just starting out), organized into a clear, highly marketable, often but not always step-by-step system that your ideal clients understand, recognize as relevant to their needs, and want to invest in.

Having a signature system goes a long way toward establishing your credibility and assuring your ideal clients that solving their problem is actually easier than they had imagined because they can see you’ve got a well-thought-out process for it. It gives them a sense of hope, which is a wonderful lifeline to offer someone who’s struggling with a big challenge and not sure how to find their way through.

It also means you can deliver your transformation with far less effort on your part because you don’t have to reinvent your process from scratch every time a new client walks in the door. This translates into higher income and greater impact, all with more ease. So you get to have a life beyond your work, plus time to enjoy it too!!

Defining your signature system is essential, but it’s only a high-level overview of the transformation you guide your people on, so it’s not enough by itself. It needs a lot more depth and detail if you ever want to turn it into a rich and compelling program your people will actually be inspired to pay you for.

So the second step is taking your signature system and fleshing-out it out so that it’s richly defined; captures the life wisdom you have to offer; includes the teachings, processes, practices, and more that will bring it to life; and weaves everything together into an integrated body of work that becomes the sourcing ground for all your programs and services.

This is where so many entrepreneurs struggle. Having a “7-step system for creating XYZ results” may roll off the tongue nicely at a networking event. It’s far less likely to garner the dreaded glazed-over look that comes from rambling on about what you do.

cash-yin-yang-hands.jpgBut it’s just not detailed enough to be useful for you when it comes time to craft your transformative programs.

So you need to dump out the contents of your medicine bag and sift, sort, and structure all that goodness into what becomes a whole and integrated body of work for helping the tribe you’re called to serve.

One of the wonderful things I’ve seen happen for entrepreneurs who do this is that they themselves are astounded both at what they have available to draw from, and what they create out of it.

Repeatedly I’ve heard people say some version of “Wow, I’m feeling so much more confident in the value I have to offer now that I can see what it actually is and how it all fits together within the scope of my business”.

The confidence that emerges from this can be remarkable. Imagine how much easier it is to enroll ideal clients into working with you when you feel that way about your work?

Sometimes what emerges as your signature system will dazzle even you! For some, this is where the capacity for making a world-changing impact on a collective level comes into focus.

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