How to turn an over-stuffed medicine bag into a living body of work (Pillar 3 case study)

Work is love made visible. So said poet Khalil Gibran, and it’s especially true when the work you do is transformative in nature and an expression of your heart’s calling.

It’s even truer when you find the sweet spot where all the goodness in your medicine bag – your gifts, talents, experience, knowledge, and life wisdom – come together to meet a compelling need in the world you’d love to serve.

When the people who have that need are willing and able to invest in resolving it, this becomes the fertile ground where your business can sink deep roots and flourish wildly. The place where you can thrive in service to yourself, others, and the world.

What’s your sweet spot? Have you found it yet?

When you’re starting out in business or even when you’re taking your business in a new direction, it’s essential to figure out what need you’re called to serve, in everyday real-world terms. And who exactly struggles with it. These are your people!

Then, it’s immensely helpful to sift, sort, and structure your particular mash-up of magic so that it becomes an integrated body of work to serve your people.

Having that can carry you a long way in your business. Yet creating your own body of work isn’t always easy to do, especially if you’re trying to figure it out by your lonesome or with the not-right-for-you support.

SharonRosen.jpgThis was the crux of Sharon Rosen’s challenge. She had a 25-year history as an accomplished massage therapist, with all the clients she needed simply showing up. No marketing required!

Yet Sharon also had a long-time passion for mindfulness and years of training in meditation, Kabbalistic teachings, energy healing, and holistic approaches to wellness. Plus a whole lot of wisdom that came from being a life-long seeker and synthesizer.

She hungered to go beyond hands-on bodywork to serve her clients in ways that felt deeper and richer to her heart. There was another aspect of her love yearning to be visible!

Her medicine bag was overflowing – so much so that she didn’t know how to best make use of all those great tools and deep wisdom. In fact, at times she even forgot all that was in her medicine bag because so much was crammed in there and out of sight.

Looking back, she described herself as “a massage therapist who knew a lot of other stuff”. Yet despite her growing desire to be of greater service, she didn’t feel confident enough to offer her bodywork clients something more comprehensive that would include the many other ways she could help them

So she stuck with massage, and resorted to handing bits of her wisdom to clients on hastily scribbled scraps of paper as they walked out the door at the end of their session.

Eventually, Sharon sought help from a business coach. And then another. And another. Then she tried one of those high-end, yearlong programs where she was in a not-so-cozy group with 75 other eager entrepreneurs.

unfocused.jpgBy her own admission, she was often grasping at straws, treading water and not getting anywhere. The combined outcome of all that time, energy, and money spent was that Sharon had identified a rather fuzzy focus of self-care for the over-extended woman. She’d created a package of sessions that combined coaching, teaching, healing, mindfulness, and a whole lot more. And she’d taken five folks through it.

The work itself was wonderful, but it was very challenging getting clients. Sometimes Sharon yearned for the apparent ease of her massage practice. But the challenges of continuing to do deep physical work, and the fact that she’d moved a considerable distance from where her former clients lived, made it an unrealistic fantasy. Plus she had so much more she wanted to offer!

By the time Sharon spoke with me about possibly stepping into Partnering with the Soul of Your Business, Creating the Body of Your Work (AKA 4 Pillars program), she had every reason to be doubtful that there was a viable way forward for her.

And yet Sharon resonated with what she referred to as my solid, grounded, and deeply thoughtful presence and she felt inspired to trust one more time. We’re both so glad she did!

Still in the 4 Pillars program, Sharon has claimed a gorgeous new niche. She’s helping women who’ve been broadsided by a recent life-altering/threatening diagnosis to find their footing and consciously consider how to live with presence, hope, and grace as they navigate their unexpected circumstances.

Day-by-day, as Sharon allows herself to truly inhabit this, the tentative “could this really be it?” has given way to a quiet confidence, an alive elatedness, and a grounded power.

Sharon’s considerable magic has since easily taken shape into an integrated and far-reaching body of work for serving these women. Instead of feeling splintered like it used to, she’s astonished at how it’s come together as an incredible distillation that honors and includes what she was up to before, and that feels truer to her than any of the other fuzzy versions she was trying to make work previously.

Finally, she’s seeing her life wisdom shaped into a living body of work that she can message, market, and monetize. And that she adores!

Program design just got a whole lot easier for Sharon. For the first time, she can thoughtfully craft a program that’s sourced from something solid and cohesive. She’s no longer whipping an offer out of thin air and throwing it at the wall to see if it hopefully sticks.

star-path.jpgMarketing got easier too because now Sharon knows who her people are, what to say to them, and how to best articulate her message. She’s already created a lovely new welcome video for her website.

By her own admission, confusion is her default go-to place. So the core clarity that’s emerged has been utterly priceless and is guiding her like a bright north star. Consequently, she no longer gets seduced by “bright shiny object syndrome”!

For the first time, Sharon feels very hopeful that she can create the kind of thriving business she wants. She knows she can gain true traction in a way that feels sustainable, enjoyable, and easy, rather than with the pushing energy she’s felt from most business and marketing coaches, which is so not who she is at her core.

I get a bit teary when I feel how close Sharon came to giving up. It’s not that she hadn’t put a lot of time, energy, and money toward trying to get clear on what her business was.

It’s just that Sharon wasn’t able to thrive as one of many in a big group program that tends to rush over this foundational stuff. She needed a more intimate context where she could be seen, have the support to dive deep into the essential inner exploration this clarity requires, receive abundant personal attention, and be compassionately called forth onto her true path.

Whether you’re starting a new business or taking an established one in a new direction, this is what can happen when you take the time to turn your transformative magic into to living body of work.

It gives you a clear and focused container through which your love becomes visible in the world as a financially flourishing business. It puts you on the path to blessing yourself, others, and the world with the great work you’re here to do.

So, my friend, do you have a vision for how your gifts, talents, experience, knowledge, and wisdom come together into an integrated body of work?

Even if it’s just an idea that’s far from fully-formed, what is it? Beginning to put it to words can help make it visible to you. Please tell us!

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