Streamlined strategy for creating your transformative programs (Pillar 4 case study)

Are you a highly educated, extensively trained, passionately committed, transformative practitioner who’s perplexed because even with all that going for you and all that you’ve got to give, you still feel like you’re just getting started in your business?

Even after all this time. And despite all the money you’ve spent on various business training programs you were sure would lift you out of perpetual idling and infuse you with momentum.

Gabrielle-Taylor-200.jpgIf so, Gabrielle Taylor’s story will inspire you. She’s a kindred spirit, infused with a glorious new momentum!

Gabrielle is an exquisitely sensitive woman with a passion for going deep into the inner world with clients. For several years, she’d been dancing back and forth between whether to continue on with her psychotherapy practice or say yes to her growing desire to start a transformational coaching business.

The dance wasn’t getting any easier, and meanwhile, she wasn’t generating much of an income in either. She found the uncertainty to be quite confusing and the marginal income to be very frustrating.

She shared with me, “When you’ve done all these programs and you’re not getting results, it feels awful”.

Part of what drew Gabrielle to being a coach was that she loves the idea of working with a specific audience focused on a particular need, whereas in her psychotherapy practice she worked with a broad spectrum of clients on a wide variety of issues. Here’s a woman who was actually excited about the idea of having a niche! And eager to create programs!

lotus-fuzzy.pngAnd yet identifying a clear niche for her coaching business was like trying to photograph a beautiful flower with a camera that just wouldn’t focus.

She had an interior sense of what she wanted to focus her coaching on, but nothing ever coalesced into a clear picture, despite her many valiant attempts borne of her fierce commitment to her sense of calling.

Then one day a year ago, Gabrielle found her way to Partnering with the Soul of Your Business, Creating the Body of Your Work (AKA 4 Pillars program). Feeling a clear, almost instant, embodied yes, she decided to join the community of women who embarked on this journey together last spring.

She said she was ready to fly with her business and that the 4 Pillars process felt like it had a depth and substance that she craved, yet hadn’t found elsewhere.

Some weeks later, after listening deeply to Gabrielle’s own story, I asked her if her niche might be highly sensitive women entrepreneurs who get overwhelmed by the reality of having and running a business.

These women need help embracing their sensitivity as a gift so they can step into the power that comes with that gift, set clear boundaries on their own behalf, and learn how to successfully be in business as a highly-sensitive soul.

Gabrielle breathed a sweet sigh of relief and said yes, that this felt like a first-ever true articulation of all the pre-verbal tidbits of insight she’d been sensing for so long. And just like that, her niche was born!

Soon she began exploring how to incorporate the depth work she’s done with divine feminine archetypes into helping the highly-sensitive woman banish burnout, step into her power, align with her true vision, and birth her work in the world.

Can you feel how this combination weaves even more of Gabrielle’s magic and medicine together and supports the emergence of a body of work that’s fresh, unique, and original?

Gabrielle went on to create her first program for private clients – Leading from Gentle: Claiming Your Gifts as a Highly Sensitive Woman Entrepreneur. She’d taken a handful of clients through that 90-day, $1200 program, then decided she felt ready to create a lower pricepoint, group program that would serve as an easy way for new clients to experience her work.

And so her first group program – Connecting with Your Inner CEO – was born. Like any newborn, it was small at first, although one client found her on LinkedIn and registered the very next day! How cool is that?

But even with five clients in this first-ever group program, Gabrielle has crossed the threshold into leading group programs. Ta-da!

Through this experience, she’s gained tremendous confidence, she’s generated evidence for the power of her new program, and she’s gotten fabulous insight into where her clients want to go next and what in-depth program to create to meet that next natural need. Still on the design canvas, it’s about growing your business from the inside out as a highly sensitive woman.

lotus-pink.jpgGabrielle is essentially creating a relationship pathway of offers that lead clients into and through her business. Because she took the time to thoughtfully create her larger body of work for serving highly sensitive women entrepreneurs, each time she wants to add a new program to her business, she goes back to her body of work and sources it from that.

She described this as a very rich process of returning over and over to get more water from the source spring. This simple approach has been a huge relief for her!

Gabrielle loves having a structure within which to frame the arc of a transformative program. Gone are the days of concocting some random program and then struggling to find clients for it. Every program she designs lives inside of a bigger-picture framework.

They all fit and flow together so that her business is emerging with a beautiful streamlined elegance. This makes enrolling clients, generating income, and running her business a whole lot easier than when she had a hodgepodge of barely related offerings.

Because Gabrielle now knows who she serves and what to talk about with them, she’s been blogging regularly and enjoying it madly. She’s gotten great feedback on her messaging and on her programs. One of her current clients even complimented her on how cutting-edge her work is.

Gabrielle is very happy with how clear and solid her business foundation is and feels a wonderful sense of ease as her business grows and her income increases. While the big bucks haven’t yet been rolling in, she knows without a doubt that she can build on the foundation she’s created and unfold a viable and lucrative business.

woamn-dancing-beach.jpgEven more exciting is how she feels about this. What was once a vague sense of calling has become a passionate mission!

She’s eager to keep expanding her work because she believes deeply in it and loves giving her energy to it each day. A year ago, when Gabrielle spoke about her business, she referred to it as “a dream that I just continued to work and work toward, without making significant progress”. Now it’s real!

Gabrielle’s story is a beautiful of example of how the pillars of this essential business foundation build on each other so powerfully and synergistically. Once her niche shimmered into focus, then her body of work took shape. From there, each of her programs is being sourced quite naturally from that larger framework.

So how about you?

How confident do you feel in your capacity to create a truly transformative program that will be irresistible to your tribe?

Do you believe it’s possible for you and your business? If so, awesome! If not, what do you believe is standing in your way?

Please let us know. I’d love to help you break through that barrier so you can find your own version of Gabrielle’s story!

… and learn how to organically grow your business, with deep roots to support its long-term flourishing.

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