Can you imagine being supported by a highly profitable, soul-satisfying business in which you’re:

It’s definitely possible, even as a complex, multi-passionate, visionary!

It starts with learning to Partner with the Soul of Your Business. Did you know your business has its own soul?

As the living intelligence at the deepest center of your business, it contains the energetic code for how it most authentically wants to be in the world. Which means it’s full of wisdom and guidance on how you can thrive in your business. It can help you get clear on who you’re here to help, the big-picture transformation your business makes happen, and the best way to package and deliver your magic.

Join us for our 2-hour Google HangOut training and discover how to Partner with the Soul of Your Business and give your transformative business what it needs to finally flourish financially!

Tuesday, October 6th from 9am-11am PT / 12noon-2pm ET

During this live event, you’ll learn how to:

You’ll also receive an invitation to take a Medicine Walk with the Soul of Your Business (FREE) and I’ll help you harvest the most potent pearls of insight it offers for you and your business!



Doing Susanna's Medicine Walk with the Soul of My Business was the single most profound exercise I have EVER done for my business. She guided me to go deep into the heart of the sacred Feminine and listen to my business as a living being with a soul that is expressing itself.

I went on a divine (physical walking) journey through nature, held in the container of the ritual, and discovered deep inner truths about the work I'm here to do that I never would have found in my logical mind. When I shared the story of my Medicine Walk with Susanna, she was raptly present with me and reflected my story back to me in a way that revealed even deeper layers of meaning and insight about the work I'm here to do, what it is and how it want to express itself.

This is the first time I have clearly seen the inner spiritual gifts and purpose of my work. I now have a vast richness to bring to work and my clients that I just wasn't aware of before. It has profoundly informed me as I stepped into being the CEO of Eyes Wide Open. I feel so grateful!

Amrita Khalsa (Danielle Seville)
Co-CEO, Kaleidoscope Digital Publishing
Former CEO,


Engaging in a Medicine Walk with the soul of my business, led by Susanna Maida, has simply been amazing! While I was eager to experience this approach, I still wasn’t expecting the depth of insight that I’ve gained from this practice, nor the positive outcomes it would have for me as I move forward in my business.

In the past, I have found myself getting bogged down in the myriad of possibilities and decisions required in creating and developing a business. From that place of being stuck in the “what ifs” and the chance that those possibilities could be “right” or “wrong”, it is no surprise that the reality of my business didn’t resemble the vision that I held for it.

The experience of my Medicine Walk, and in particular Susanna’s artful skill in mirroring back to me the gems gained from it, has opened up a whole new perspective and energy to what I bring to this work. It unearthed some recurring patterns in my life and, for me personally, has demonstrated a new way to engage in the decision-making process.

I am now able to move forward at a more consistent and fluid pace, confident in where I am headed and in how I am able to respond to the inevitable challenges that will arise. This new “lighter” approach allows me to look forward and entertain new opportunities that had previously seemed out of reach. The real beauty is not only does this support the growth of my business, but it also has a profound effect on my life as a whole.

I am so happy to have had this opportunity, and I whole-heartedly recommend taking a Medicine Walk with the soul of your business with Susanna.

Catherine J. Franchetti
British Columbia, Canada


When I first began working with you, I was tentative, nervous, without a viable business, prospects, or clients. I felt powerless to see myself through to a new direction.

Through your wisdom and guidance, I now have a business I love!

And I’ve learned to look at everything in my business in a different way, one that’s focused and solidly based in real world business principles, yet gentler, more feminine, more energetic, more collaborative, and more integrated with who I am. I can honestly say that I am not the same woman who began the program just a few months ago.

Kimberly Manning
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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