Growing yourself as a leader who can skillfully guide the unfolding of your vision and mission is a journey. And a journey benefits greatly from having a map, especially when you’re getting started.

Otherwise, you can spend far too much time wandering about trying to figure out where you are, what challenges you’re facing, and how to hopefully get to where you want to be.

A map orients you, points you in the right direction, and shows you how to get there by identifying the most important things to focus on, so you don’t get lost along the way.

But not all maps are of equal value Here’s the very best personal leadership development map you’ll find

The Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment (LCP) is an unparalleled feedback tool for creating a map to guide you on your leadership development journey.

It provides precise feedback on your leadership capacity in terms of both inner game (consciousness) and outer game (competency), since both are essential for high-performing leadership in our complex world. It’s an efficient and powerful way to give yourself a map that’s specific to you and your unique leadership growth potential.

Unlike most leadership assessments that focus only on what is contributing to or hindering your effectiveness as a leader (i.e. the competencies you have and don’t have), the LCP points to why this is so. Understanding the why reveals your inner operating system – the beliefs and assumptions that are unconsciously driving your actions and giving rise to undesirable results.

With that insight, you can get to the root cause of your own ineffective behavior and create permanent breakthroughs in both awareness and performance. The LCP also balances the relational gifts of the feminine with the masculine talent for accomplishing, so you never have to leave part of you behind.

Moving from inner to outer while integrating all of who you are into how you show up as a leaders – this is the path to effective leadership that can, as it matures, become truly extraordinary leadership!

Once you have your own custom leadership development map, the adventure begins!

With your very own leadership development map in hand, you start to see the previously invisible relationship between how you habitually think, how it informs your actions and behaviors, and how this ultimately impacts your effectiveness as a leader. And with that understanding, comes the power to grow and change, quickly and permanently.

Through deep-dive, one-on-one, transformational coaching and mentoring with me as your guide, a new level of your own authentic leadership emerges. You quickly and confidently become the leader your organization needs you to be, while staying true to who you are as a woman.

And since those same unconscious habits of thought and behavior have likely been showing up elsewhere in your life, as you evolve yourself as a leader, you’ll likely notice some wonderful shifts happening in the arenas of life, love, and livelihood!

If you’re intrigued and you’d like to learn more and explore whether this approach to growing yourself as a powerful woman leader is right for you, let’s find a time to talk!

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